The Wild City Book


Loads of things to do outdoors in towns and cities.

Do you live in a City?  Then The Wild City Book is for you!  But if you live in the country, you can also do many of these activities too!  This book is all about having fun outdoors in the wild spaces near where you live – hunting for wildlife clues, watching wild creatures, making wild art, playing wild games, having exciting outdoor adventures.  A wild, surprising world of plants and animals is always waiting to be discovered round the corner, right now, in every city.  You just need to keep your eyes open and know where to look. All the activities in this book can be done in a small garden, park or green space, some on a balcony or window sill.

If you would like a personalised book, please proceed to check out and leave your message in the “order notes” box.  We will add the message and sign the book before shipping.


  • “An ideal book to inspire teachers, parents and children with new and exciting things to do outside of the classroom”, The School Librarian
  • “With this book in hand expeditions around your neighbourhood will be as exciting as any visit to a foreign park.”, Books for Keeps
  • ‘If you value play, being outdoors and finding our wild side, this book is for you – simple, fun and magic.’ Oxfordshire Play Association
  • ‘For city dwellers it is is not always obvious how to entice young imaginations into the great outdoors … The Wild City Book is full of ideas for outdoor activities in an urban setting”, Baby & Me


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