Rain + more rain = this weeks “screen free” weekend challenge – make a water run!

For a truly healthy diet for your kids try going “screen free” for a couple of hours every weekend.

Have you heard of a marble run, a ball run or even a cresta run?  This is the same but a much muddier water version!  First locate a large puddle (should be easy). Take some old plastic bottles and containers out of the recycling bin and cut them up to make channels and funnels.  Use some forked sticks or other containers to support your “run” and see how far you can make the water travel?

water run-5

Try making a little boat out of a leaf or a few sticks tied together and have races with your friends.

Or how about a water run team competition kids v adults!  Each team designs a run and  the winner is the one which collects the most water in a container at the end in the shortest time?

Be careful not to get too cold and wet, have some dry gloves handy and make sure you wear some waterpoofs as it’s pretty freezing out there.

Have fun designing and don’t forget to tweet photos of your ingenious runs with the #screenfree and #outdoors for the chance to win a signed copy of one of our books.



Going Wild Weekend “Screen Free” challenge – Make a mud cake!

For a truly healthy diet for your kids try going “screen free” for a couple of hours every weekend.

To help you do this we will be posting a challenge every Friday for you to have a go at. Take a photo of your adventures and tweet it using the hash tags #screenfree and #outdoors and we will send a signed copy of one of our Going Wild books to the most creative fun ideas.

This weekends challenge, Make a Mud Cake! 

Forget about sitting indoors watching Bake off’s on the TV.  Have a go yourself but in Nature’s Kitchen.  It’s one of the only diets where you can make cake and feel it is doing you good; fresh air, a good dose of mud (plenty of that around at the moment) and exercise are the best ingredients!mud pies cakes-1 Try adding a few frost crystals for sparkle decoration or some juicy slugs as a special treat!

Looking forward to seeing some of your delicious creations!  Don’t forget to tweet….

Happy baking.

mud pies-2

“The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house. All that cold, cold, wet day.” Tell Dr Seuss we did not, we went out to play!

We went out to sing, to dance…Dancing and singing in the rain

to splash in puddles……puddle hunt-2








To create rain shadows, to make water runs, to let the squishy mud ooze through our fingers…..

With little sign of the rain stopping why not put your waterproofs on and go out to  have some fun?  If you need some more ideas look at “The Wild Weather Book, loads of things to do outside in the rain, wind and snow.”  41prFWc3DSL._SL500_

Now there is no excuse to get cooped up indoors!