Natural fireworks for a “no bang” bonfire night!

Have a go at making some flaming twizzling twirlers for bonfire night!  38 fireballs-1

Thread brightly coloured leaves onto long sticks (dogwood is great as it thin and straight) Tie a piece of string around a small stick and cover with clay to make a ball.  Stick your bright leafy sticks into the ball to make a star.  Hang from a tree, twist and release.  Watch it spin just like a Catherine wheel

.38 wind twizzlers-2

This twirler was made by sticking lots of brightly coloured leaves onto a paper plate with PVA glue.  Once dry cut the plate into a snail/spiral and hang in the wind.

More instructions on fun things to do on bon-fire night look at “The Wild Weather Book”, The Stick Book, or the Wild City Book!

Our Dragon won an award!

“Quite Magical, but difficult to find” said chairman of The Oxford Preservation Trust as he handed us our certificate at the awards ceremony last night.  “Ahhh” we wanted to say, “how many dragons have you seen?  Dragons are never easy to find!”

If you are brave and want to try and find our dragon, here is a clue as to where she was last seen.

Clue: Start at the entrance of Magdalen wood, Oxford (Woodfarm entrance by the shops) and head into the deepest part of the wood.  She is hiding in there somewhere!

Here is a picture of the “team” proudly showing off our certificate.


From left Jane Gallagher OPA (Oxford Play Association) who came up with the idea of playful woodlands, Jo Schofield and Fiona Danks (Going Wild) and Stuart Turner (Land Artist and Dragon Creator)


Here are a few pictures of the last lucky children to get a ride on her back!

dragons den-101 dragons den-184