Things to do

Like many parents, we have heard too often the “I’m bored” words, where no suggestions will do. We all know that young people shouldn’t spend too many hours a day in front of computer and TV screens, but it can be so difficult to get them outdoors and many of us either resort to bribery or just give in.

How do you turn the tables and get them clamouring to go outside?  The trick is to tempt them out by suggesting something much more fun.  So don’t say, “let’s go for a walk” – try appealing to their imagination or their sense of adventure instead.  How about a trip to explore “Middle Earth”, an expedition to carve bows and arrows or an afternoon of making outfits for the woodland fairies?  Soon they’ll be pulling you out of the door.

Whatever the weather, wherever you live and whatever the season, there is always something exciting to do outside.  You don’t need modern technology or the latest toy or gadget; the natural world is full of excitement, wonders and challenges.  You don’t even have to go very far because there are things you can do at the bottom of the garden or in the local park.  Remember you can go out in the rain, in the winter, even after dark. All you need is a little imagination and the motivation to get out and have fun.

As times are financially hard for many of us at the moment it is a lovely thought that most of the activities we recommend cost very little or are in fact free! So there is no excuse, let the children drag you out to the woods or somewhere for some wild adventures, or perhaps for some quieter creative activities and imaginary games. If you need a little help with ideas have a look at our books Nature’s Playground and Go Wild.

If you want to go for an adventure or learn some bushcraft skills from experts, look at our places to go page.

Activity Ideas

Scrambling up among the twisted branches of an old oak tree, leaping into enormous mounds of crispy autumn leaves or hiding in a secret den made of branches and twigs – the great outdoors is an adventure playground without limits.  It is somewhere to let go, to learn about judging risks, to stimulate the imagination – offering endless possibilities for children to play naturally.