Become a wild explorer at home! More time to watch nature – or is it watching you?!

Over the last few weeks our normal lives have all been turned upside down and many of us find ourselves stuck at home. But this can be an opportunity … there may be more time for family time, more time to play in the garden, more time to notice nature who is busy waking up from winter, and carrying on its business as if nothing has happened!

To try and help everyone cooped up at home we have decided to post something on our social media everyday to encourage us to become wild garden explorers! We will be posting our favourite things from all our books; wild games, creative activities to do in the garden, or things you can make to encourage wildlife to your balcony or window if you haven’t got your own outdoor space. Sometimes we may just post something special we have noticed which celebrates the magic and wonder of the natural world and hope you will do the same.


Here is your first challenge – can you see any eyes watching you? Look especially carefully at trees in your garden or out of the window. Can you see their eyes? Does your tree have a personality? What do you think they are thinking? What do you think they have seen standing there for years and years? Can you write a story about your tree and what it might have seen?

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