Half Term Dragon Hunt!

Its about the time of year Dragons begin to wake up after hibernating over winter. This means it’s the perfect time to go on a Dragon hunt and see if you can find evidence of these elusive creatures! Remember to take your copy of Make This Book out with you as it wouldn’t want to miss out on all the fun! Collect some natural materials and have a go at dressing your dragon in the book. Follow this link to buy your if you haven’t got one already. It’s full of loads of fun outdoor activities to keep you busy this half term, weekends or many school holidays over the coming year! https://bit.ly/3GWY1oA

First frost!



The first frost of the autumn made this morning’s walk really magical; cold days can be just perfect for getting outdoors.  For lots of ideas for things to do in rain, wind, ice and snow look out for Going Wild’s “Wild Weather Book”.

Come along to “The Wild Weather Book” launch near Kings Cross

We will be at Camley Steet Natural Park on Sunday 24th march from 11.00am-3.00pm. Come along and have a wild time, making little boats, pond dipping and learning about frogs!

We will of course be there introducing and signing copies of our new book “The Wild Weather Book” which gives loads of suggestions of fun things to do outdoors on the many occasions when the sun in not shining and you may be tempted to stay inside!

Look out for “Wild Walking”, our first e-book!


 How many times have you suggested going for a walk, only to be met by moans and groans and feeble excuses from unenthusiastic children?  Or you may be on route and they refuse to go any further! It doesn’t have to be like that, a walk can be an action packed adventure, a journey of discovery, an escape into the imagination or a thrilling challenge!

All you need is lots of fun ideas to make walking fun, so we have put together our very first e-book.  The idea is you can download it onto a smart phone and have inspiration at your fingertips, where ever you are, when ever you need it.  It is full of tips on what to pack before you set off, planning the route, games, activities and adventures that need very little preparation or equipment, as well as quick ideas of things to do to get out of sticky situations such as they want to be carried or refuse to go another step.
Take a look and let us know what you think.  This is our first attempt and we plan to keep improving it as we learn more, but we wanted to make it available before the summer holidays.  It can be downloaded from Amazon and anyone purchasing it will get new editions free as we update it.

Look out for our new book…..

The Stick Book  – loads of things you  can make or do with a stick   The Stick Book @ www.franceslincoln.co.uk

Different from our other books, it s written for children to share with their parents or teachers rather than the other way round!  It is a handy size for taking outdoors and retails at £9.99. Build a large pterodactyl, a fairies wand, make a crown and have your face painted… just some of the many adventures you could get up to, all inspired by a simple stick!