This is the perfect time of year to go outdoors and get in touch with nature! Buds are bursting, insects are emerging, birds are singing, tadpoles are wriggling – there is so much new to see each day! Our book Make This Book Wild is the perfect companion for every wild adventure; how many pages can you fill to make a magical scrapbook to celebrate nature’s magic?

Half Term Dragon Hunt!

Its about the time of year Dragons begin to wake up after hibernating over winter. This means it’s the perfect time to go on a Dragon hunt and see if you can find evidence of these elusive creatures! Remember to take your copy of Make This Book out with you as it wouldn’t want to miss out on all the fun! Collect some natural materials and have a go at dressing your dragon in the book. Follow this link to buy your if you haven’t got one already. It’s full of loads of fun outdoor activities to keep you busy this half term, weekends or many school holidays over the coming year! https://bit.ly/3GWY1oA


Want to do your bit to spread the word about the climate and ecological emergency?

Join our Leaves for Life campaign, a great way to urge immediate action and raise awareness of the perils faced by our planet.  All you need to do is: find a leaf – decorate it with a powerful messageshare it. #LeavesforLife 

We at Going Wild want to give everyone, especially young people, a voice on behalf of nature. Leaves are crucial to life on earth and a perfect way to spread our urgent message. Let’s use them to create a worldwide media storm!  

We aim to build momentum over the spring and summer. Then, in the run up to COP26 in November, we will shower leaf messages on world leaders and senior industrialists, demanding action on the climate and ecological emergency.

To achieve global reach we need to work together and get millions of beautiful leaf messages out for the world to see.  Hang them in your window, from a tree in your street, get your local schools to participate, involve your local arts community.  Make one yourself and be ready to bombard social media!  

We’re so excited to see all these wild creations inspiring hope and action for our wonderful planet. 

To nature’s recovery!

Tips – 

  • Go outside, search for a tree that is special to you; sit down and listen to it.  If the tree could talk, what message would it give to the world? Share this message on one of its precious leaves.
  • Most paints and pens work but experiment to find out which materials will work best on your leaf. 
  • It’s easier to apply paint on leaves that have been pressed between sheets of paper for a few days.
  • Decorate how you wish – cut out messages, paint pictures, stick leaves together or create some amazing land art.
  • For more inspiration https://www.richardshilling.co.uk/leaf.html  http://www.jamesbruntartist.co.uk/#top

Interested in getting involved? Please contact us – info@goingwild.net

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100 days GOING WILD during lockdown

At the start of lockdown we started posting a simple outdoor activity everyday that could be done from the safety of your garden or on your daily exercise walk. We never imagined that we would still be going 70 days later!

We have decided to carry on for another 30 days, so we will have posted a total of 100 days of fun, easy activities to keep children and adults from going crazy penned up inside!

To follow us or have a body of ideas you can continue to dip into after lockdown for continued wild fun, follow us using the hashtag 100daysgoingwild on instagram Goingwild1 Facebook Goingwild and twitter goingwildnet.

Ok we might have gone a little crazy during lockdown but we did have some wild fun!

DAY 2 – Fun activity ideas to do each day during lockdown!

With all of us cooped up indoors, we at Going Wild will be posting a fun activity idea, or something to look out for everyday. We want to help families and children to become wild explorers from home! We will publish them on our social media platforms so please follow us on ….

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Today’s activity Make a mini pond using an old washing up bowl or plastic container. Watch it everyday and see how long it takes for wild things to arrive! Detailed instructions can be found in The Wild City Book or on our social media platforms. Don’t worry if you haven’t got your own garden, some of the activities we will be posting can be done indoors, on a balcony or looking through the window.

Start following us today and post up photos of your results to inspire others!

Become a wild explorer at home! More time to watch nature – or is it watching you?!

Over the last few weeks our normal lives have all been turned upside down and many of us find ourselves stuck at home. But this can be an opportunity … there may be more time for family time, more time to play in the garden, more time to notice nature who is busy waking up from winter, and carrying on its business as if nothing has happened!

To try and help everyone cooped up at home we have decided to post something on our social media everyday to encourage us to become wild garden explorers! We will be posting our favourite things from all our books; wild games, creative activities to do in the garden, or things you can make to encourage wildlife to your balcony or window if you haven’t got your own outdoor space. Sometimes we may just post something special we have noticed which celebrates the magic and wonder of the natural world and hope you will do the same.


Here is your first challenge – can you see any eyes watching you? Look especially carefully at trees in your garden or out of the window. Can you see their eyes? Does your tree have a personality? What do you think they are thinking? What do you think they have seen standing there for years and years? Can you write a story about your tree and what it might have seen?

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