Beach art and games in the city

DSC02388 DSC02398DSC02374We had lots of fun in the sand today on the south bank of the Thames near London’s Royal Festival Hall.  Thanks to Muddy Puddles for inviting us to join them for beach art and games in the city.

Thank you to all the families who came along despite the rain.  We were so impressed by their creativity and imaginations – they made wonderful animals and aliens, huge funny feet, ball runs wrapped around trees and even a volcano. There are lots more fun ideas for beaches everywhere in the Beach Book.

We are still running our Funny Feet competition with up to 50 copies of The Beach Book to be given away.  Try making gruffalo feet, monster feet,alien feet, dragon feet, animal feet or fancy shoes for giants and tweet photos to @quartoplays with #funnyfeet for a chance to win a Beach Book

What a lot of funny feet!

Look at all the funny feet that appeared on Weymouth Beach!  Feel inspired?  Make your own pair and tweet a photo before 5th August to @quartoplays with #funnyfeet to win a copy of The Beach Book.   50 books to give away as prizes!

funny feet-43 funny feet-42

Mr and Mrs FROG

funny feet-37

Lots of making and creating.  Water is the Key apparently

funny feet-35

Happy Feet!  funny feet-31

funny feet-27 BFG feetfunny feet-25


Funky Chicken feet funny feet-15

Scary Pterodactyl feet  funny feet-12 funny feet-20

Funny feet competition – chance to win a copy of The Beach Book

As part of the National Trust’s coastal campaign, Going Wild will be at the Big Beach Picnic, on Weymouth beach, this Saturday 4th July up near the pavilion from 12-4pm making funny feet!

Come and make your own pair, or try on someone else’s!

funny feet-11


If you can’t join us this Saturday, don’t worry, there is still time.  Make your own funny feet when you are on holiday or at the beach.  Take a photo and tweet the picture with the #funnyfeet to @quartoplays before the deadline of 3rd August.  Fiona and Jo will be judging the competition and the top 50 winners will get a copy of their new book –

The Beach Book


The Dragon at Magdalen Woods in Oxford is ready to meet you….

Come and meet the Green Dragon of Magdalen Woods on Sunday 14th June, 10am-2pm.

She’s alive, she’s growing and she’s waiting to play.

Don’t be scared, she can only eat one child at a time!

27 twig and clay animals 1

You will find her in the woods at Woodfarm (off Nuffield Road) OX3 8RA
Listen to her story with Storyteller Chris Smith, learn about Dragon Fire, make Dragon Charms and Stick Dragon Babies.   Enjoy eating Dragon Pizzas and make your own Dragon’s Den.

Don’t worry, Stuart the Dragons creator, Jo and Fiona from Going Wild and the Nature Effect will all be there to protect you!

The only essential item you need to pack for your holidays …

The Beach Book!

I remember a boring afternoon on a deserted beach with no mobile phone signal, no technology, not even a ball!  Dan and I refused to lie in the sun, so we picked up our copy of The Beach Book to get some inspiration and find something fun to do. We soon found a driftwood plank and after whittling a handle with my penknife and wrapping it with string to improve the grip we had a perfect cricket bat!  We made a ball from plastic bags wrapped tightly around a pebble and tied together with string. We started with a team of two but our screams of excitement attracted other bored kids and soon our makeshift cricket game was the most popular thing on the beach!

The moral of this story is to remember to get your copy of The Beach Book now so you have it ready to pack before you set off on your holidays this summer!

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