Have a “wild” Christmas! Make your own wreath

No need to buy loads of glitter and plastic “stuff”, just go outside and find natural materials to decorate your home and garden.  It’s easy, it’s beautiful and it’s free!  Take a look at our top ideas throughout December.

55 Seasonal wreath 255 Seasonal wreath 3


Bind together some evergreen twigs with wire to make a ring.  Push other leaves, and natural materials into your ring and fix with wire.  Don’t give up, keep adding until your wreath looks wonderful!

Go Wild this Christmas! Make a twig or outdoor advent calendar

No need to buy loads of glitter and plastic “stuff”, go outside and find natural things to decorate your home and garden.  It’s easy, it’s beautiful and it’s free!  Take a look at our top ideas throughout December.

Write the date on some evergreen leaves, hang them on some twigs, add a few natural decorations and if you really must have chocolate hang those on too!

55 decorate a stick tree 4 

Here is an outside advent calendar!

54 decorate real tree 1

Streatley Wild Wood is open! A Wild Wood trail to explore and a fun family adventure

If you are looking for an adventure why not go and visit the Wild Wood at Streatley near Goring in Berkshire?  Going Wild have been working on an amazing project, a treasure trail full of adventure.

Your mission is to hunt for the secret codes hidden around the wood. Scan them with the QR reader on your smart phone or tablet.  Unlock the secrets of the wood, discover who lives there, find out some fearsome facts about them and their amazing superpowers! They will give you some challenges, who can do all of the challenges?

Have a go and let us know what you think!!


If you get tired have a rest and make a yummy muddy meal in the Wild  Wood Cafe!IMG_20141007_133957

Look at the Wild Wood Map and explore!


Can you find the secret codes?




Happy Birthday White Mark

The National Trust gave the White Mark at Watlington a birthday present as they gathered members of the local community together to give it a face lift.  Going Wild joined in on the fun.white mark birthday celebration 14

Families had fun bashing, crushing and compacting chalk on the White Mark so it will shine out for another few hundred years.






Going Wild were there making creatures and making mosaic pictures from chalk and generally having a good time.  Whose idea was it to make a face so the mark looked like a giant sticking his tongue out?  Marshmallows were toasted over a washing machine drum?! We ate birthday cake and the rare white mark ratty rat made an appearance along with other weird and wonderful creatures.   Once the sun sank below the horizon, fairy lights and night lights lit up the white mark which was quite a magical sight.white mark birthday celebration 7

white mark birthday celebration 3white mark birthday celebration 9

white mark birthday celebration 8

Summer holiday “screenfree” challenges – Try on some monster feet or giants boots. Let’s start a GoingWild fashion craze!

Wherever you are this summer holidays, why not give yourself some monster feet or giants boots?  These attracted a lot of attention on the beach and every passer by just had to try them on.  A great photo opportunity.

You could make them out of sand, mud, rocks, sticks, leaves anything that takes your fancy.  Make big boots, dainty silhouettes, emerald green ones or pretty pink petal ones.  See who comes along and tries them on, share your photos with us, up-load them to facebook (Going Wild), tweet them (@goingwildnet) #goingwildnet…….

Let’s start a Going Wild monster foot fashion craze!

monster feet-2 monster feet