“Screen free” weekend challenge No 7- Find Nature’s adventure playground in the woods

This weekend we are challenging families everywhere to head off in search of their own adventure playground. Most Children become excited if you say you will take them to play in an amazing “adventure playground” – but if you say you are going to take them on a walk the response is often quite different!

So this weekend we are challenging families everywhere to head off in search of their own adventure playground.  Not a boring man-made one with a fence all around it, but one with endless possibilities, one far more exciting and ingeniously designed for exhilarating fun by nature; “The wild adventure playground“!

IMG_20140222_160251Perhaps the best place to start is in some woodland near where you live. After all the rain and wind a week or so ago, quite a few trees have found it hard to stay upright.  We found this magnificent beach tree which had been weakened by a fungus.  But it’s fate was our gain as it became the best natural climbing frame ever!

See if you can find something similar; post pictures of your adventure playground up on twitter using #screenfree and #goingwildnet for a chance to win a signed copy of one of the Going Wild books.


“The Big Disconnect” by Catherine Steiner-Adair; here’s how you and your family can re-connect!

Take a look at this new book “The Big Disconnect: Protecting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital Age” byCatherine Steiner-Adair EdD.

Catherine Steiner-Adair clinical instructor in the department of psychiatry at Harvard, a school consultant, and a therapist in private practice, interviewed over a thousand children between the ages of 4 and 18 looking at how technology was effecting their relationships and their social and emotional lives. Hardly surprisingly she found that the amount of screen time was detrimental to childhood development; and because of their parents’ obsession with their devices children were having to compete for their parents attention, harming communication and even fracturing families.  In an interview with the Huffington post she suggests 8 important things all parents should know about “screen time”. Take a look, very few of us have escaped completely and even we are a little guilty of some of these!


But the solution is simple, if you are guilty of disconnecting, help your family re-connect by making a conscious effort to go outside and have some fun in the natural world at least once a week. If you are short of ideas for outdoor adventures, buy one of our books or have a go at our weekend “challenges”.

boats wild weather launch-16Every Friday we will post a simple idea for a fun activities you can have a go at that weekend.  It’s not a “screen” ban, just an opportunity to have some fun outdoors with your children for a couple of hours every week.  Have a go and post some of your adventures on twitter with #screenfree and #goingwildnet for others to share and a chance to win a signed copy of one of our books.

Half term “screen free” weekend challenge No 3 – Muddy Mad Puddle reflections

There is still plenty of water around and rather a lot of huge puddles so for a bit of fun have a go at this “screen free” challenge – Muddy mad puddle reflections!

On a windless day when their are no ripples on the water surface, take photos of the best reflections you can find.  Now comes the creative bit. Can you see yourself or your friends doing mad crazy things, like having trees come out of your hair?  Or try making some wild reflections like this snappy monster made by holding a bit of wood and leaves over the puddle.

puddle reflections-2

Take photos of your efforts and upload them onto twitter using the #screenfree and #goingwildnet for a chance to win a signed copy of one of our books!

Going Wild “screen free” half term challenge No 2

If you have done the Going Wild “screen free” half term challenge no 1 you will be ready to have a go at No 2!

Remember this isn’t a screen ban, just an exciting outdoor adventure you can do for an hour or so each day, and of course there are loads more ideas in our books if you need any more inspiration.

Challenge 2: Empty the recycling bin and make a boat to float on your enormous puddle.

As always make sure you dress up really warm, and put your waterproofs and wellies (check they have no holes) on.  Find some good “boat” like containers.  Old plastic milk bottles or waxed juice cartons are perfect.  Cut to shape and add little men made from clay or playdough.  Natural materials found in your park or garden help to make your boat spectacular.

Add a bit of string to the bow so you don’t loose it, and launch it on your puddle…

sailing boats-1 Where will your boat sail to?  Can you write a story about the adventures your boat and passengers get up to?

Remember to challenge your friends to make other boats and post pictures and stories on facebook and twitter with the hash tags #screenfree and #goingwildnet and #outdoors for a chance to win a signed copy of one of our books!  Have fun

Going Wild “screen free” half term challenge No 1

Rain, wind, snow, dark evenings; it’s challenging to entertain the children at February half term.  But don’t worry, Going Wild has fun outdoor adventures for all weathers! Try the Going Wild “screen free” half term challenge; this isn’t a screen ban, just an exciting outdoor adventure for an hour or so each day.

Given freedom to enjoy time outside, children learn new skills, find out about judging risk, and become healthier.  Young people equally at ease with technology and nature will be better equipped for life.

Here is the first half term challenges to start you off, and over the next few days we will be posting more ideas to keep you busy, and of course there are loads more ideas in our books if you need any more inspiration; “The Wild Weather Book” being particularly relevant at the moment!

Challenge 1: Go on a puddle hunt and find the largest puddle or flooded field you can find!  

Make sure you dress up really warm, it is cold out there.  Put your waterproofs on and your wellies (check they have no holes). Why not challenge your friends and see who can find the biggest?

Look at this one I found this morning…..IMG_20140208_114443

Wow, now thats what I call a big puddle!

Remember all water can be dangerous, check how deep it is first with a stick before you jump in. If it goes over your wellies and you get wet feed it won’t be much fun. Always have and adult with you and try not to get them too wet!

Look out for the next challenge where we will give you ideas of fun things do you with your enormous puddle when you have found it.  Post some of your adventures on twitter and facebook with #screenfree and #goingwildnet for a chance of winning a signed copy of one of our books.  Don’t forget to challenge some of your friends too!

This weekends “screen free” challenge – Make a “green” space rocket

If it’s a bit cold and wet this weekend (a high chance!) and you don’t fancy spending too long outside, dress up warm and head out to hunt for rocket making materials.  Collect lots of evergreen leaves, pinecones (these make good booster jets) and anything that you could use to make a super green fuelled flying machine or space rocket.  Back at home, empty out the recycling box to find some rocket shaped boxes or bottles.  A little tin foil helps protect it if it has to re-enter the eart’hs atmosphere and of course some sellotape, glue or hot glue will help with the build.

IMG_20140125_131005 (1)

Tommy and Ben made these space cruisers complete with wings, bracken go-faster flames, with red “poison berry” bombs.

Who are your astronauts, what planets or worlds do they travel to? Have a go and tweet pictures of your rockets with #screenfree for a chance to win a signed copy of one of our books!

Just applying the pine cone rocket boosters!

IMG_20140125_131128 (1)