What is Going Wild?

Imagine the excitement of building your own natural shelter, of creating twig boats to race across a stream or building candlelit castles at the beach, or perhaps carving your very own bow and arrow out in the woods…..

These are real adventures and real memories we had when we were younger and you could do now!   Sadly, for various reasons,  many young people today never get the chance to go out and just play.  This is leading to a generation totally disconnected with the natural world and what was a natural playground to us, is becoming an alien and scary environment to them.

Our mission is to try and raise public awareness to the importance of redressing the balance.  We want children today to be as comfortable in the modern technology world as in the natural one, both are important for our future.  By writing our books, articles, journals, and giving talks and training events to educators, parents and those working in the environment we aim to give practical advice, ideas and inspiration for fun things to do outside. This will  hopefully provide the motivation needed to get many more youngsters out  having real life fun adventures, developing a love and respect for the natural world.

We believe this is vital, by giving opportunities to interact with the natural world our young people will:

  • Be be mentally and physically healthier
  • Have opportunities to learn important life skills and  true values
  • Will be more likely to understand their connection, influence and ultimately their responsibilities to the health and protection of our planet!

Going Wild is about escaping into the great outdoors to discover the wonders and excitement of the natural world. Showing people they even if they are surrounded by buildings, they can seek out wilderness on their doorsteps.

Going Wild aims to inspire children and young people to switch off that TV and rush outside – here their imaginations can run riot, they can learn new skills such as judging risk for themselves and improve their confidence and self esteem by facing new challenges.

Going Wild aims to help you take advantage of whatever nature offers, wherever you live, (town or country), at any time of the year (winter or summer), what ever the weather!

Going Wild aims to encourage young people and families to try something new and discover what pleasures a simpler life outdoors can offer, away from commercial pressures without spending a fortune.

Please note that anyone taking part in activities described on this website or in our books, does so at their own risk.

We have enjoyed and explored the natural world with our growing families and have a shared passion for encouraging more people to discover the joys of wild places.  We believe that all youngsters deserve opportunities to have fun and adventures out there in the real world, both for their own benefit and the long term benefit of the environment.