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A call for “wild” playgrounds, highlighting research that children are born with an instinct to take risks in play as crucial to our evolutionary survival.  Mollycoddling them only will only mean they will seek these risk taking thrills elsewhere. Brilliant article summing up research into the benefits of giving children opportunities to access risk taking for themselves.

The Children and Nature Network (C&NN) Latest news and

They have done a wonderful job collating the large amount of research and putting it together in one document! Research and report to show importance of free play in open spaces for teenagers Evaluation of the benefits to children in a Forest school education in England and Wales

On going survey researching into children’s mental health

Articles highlighting the importance of outdoor play

The Independent How to let your children run free

Guardian Unlimited Government’s advice to parents: make sure your child plays conkers,,2129033,00.html

BBC News “No outdoor play hurts children”

The Telegraph  Danger from our ‘cotton-wool kids’

The Guardian  In need of an unlevel playing field,3604,1541383,00.html

The Telegraph “Modern Life leads to more depression among children”

The Telegraph “Let our children play”  letter to telegraph

The Sydney Morning Herald – Australians study nature deficit disorder

The Daily  Telegraph “Go outside and get dirty, National Trust tell children”  – National Trust launches campaign to get children outdoors. Children’s writer Michael Morpurgo and his wife Clare founded the charity Farms for City Children back in 1976. We offer urban children from schools all over the country a unique chance to live and work together for a whole seven days on one of three real farms in the heart of the countryside. An amazing, life-changing week of ‘muck and magic’ on the farm. Get all the latest forest school news, find your nearest school or learn how to set up your own  Online shop supplying equipment games and books to encourage children to play outside  Environmental education newsletter,  consultations on health and safety and risk assessments and an online shop to support outdoor play and education Imaginative handcrafted structures using the natural beauty of wood

American organisation connecting children with nature and promoting importance of outdoor play Good easy to follow tips if you are new to hiking with children.