Going Wild at Hay

Going Wild Hay festival-13We had great fun running a workshop at the Hay Festival last Saturday.  Working with a bunch of wildly creative individuals we discovered (hardly surprisingly) that the best stories are often created by the children not the adults!

Everyone let their imaginations run wild and using a few natural materials made happy heros, face sucking aliens, acorn eating slugs, princesses with magic potions and baddies with rocket launchers disguised as pine cones!  Going Wild Hay festival-3


They then equipped them with a boat so they could set off from Hay on the river Wye to explore foreign lands, got to parties, and discover other adventurous places.

Going Wild Hay festival-8









The paddling pool came in handy to test buoyancy; some of the boats needed a little extra flotation so as to avoid sinking at the first stage of their journeys!

Going Wild Hay festival-2Going Wild Hay festival-11