Weekend Screen Free challenge

Are you ready to take up the Going Wild weekend Screen Free challenge?

Want to give you and your children a really healthy lifestyle?

Try the Going Wild screen-free diet!

It’s the only diet that’s active and fun, giving you and your family a chance to explore the natural world and recapture some of that lost magic.

You’ve heard of fat free, sugar free, wheat free, diary free, but what about screen-free?  A perfectly balanced  5 : 2  screen free diet!  During the weekend how about getting away from the screen and having a go at one of our fun outdoor activities?

Getting outside into the fresh air, making time to think and work things out, judge risk, getting a good dose of natural immunity and re-connecting with the natural world – all of these have been shown to promote health and happiness.  .

Every Friday we will post a blog with a fun family activity to try at the weekend, a simple mini adventure to do wherever you live.  It will make the most of the weather and the season and will take as long as you wish; there’s nothing to stop you staying out for hours if you’re having fun!

Tweet a picture of your challenge so we can see how you got on, or try out your own ideas to make the challenge even better. Make sure you use #screenfree, at the end of your tweet for a chance to win a signed Going Wild book full of loads more adventures and challenges!

Here are the challenges so far…. GOOD LUCK!

Challenge No 1 – Make a mud cake! http://bit.ly/P0QF9T

Challenge No 2 – Make a water run http://bit.ly/1hCJSKo

Challenge No 3- Make a “green” space rocket http://bit.ly/1dTIxhv

Challenge No 4 – Go on a puddle hunt and find the largest one you can find  http://bit.ly/1jXulYg

Challenge No 5 – Empty the recycling bin and make a boat to go on your enormous puddle http://bit.ly/1jXthnt

Challenge No 6 – Muddy puddle reflections http://bit.ly/1o7h1H6

Challenge No 7- Find nature’s playground in the woods http://bit.ly/1rK005c

Challenge No 8 – Make a mud castle! http://bit.ly/1iH3Nv3

Challenge No 9 – Beat my spring flower scavenger hunt score  http://bit.ly/1rJYT5e

Challenge No 10 – Be an Angel (or a crazy bird man or winged mythical beast.  http://bit.ly/1lr6iVX

Easter Challenge No 11 – Can you roll or catch an egg without breaking it?  http://www.goingwild.net/2014/egg-rolling/773/egg-rolling/

Easter Challenge No 12 – Colour those eggs! http://bit.ly/PHoey6

Easter Challenge No 13 – Make your own egg smashing Easter egg treasure hunt  http://bit.ly/1ihO8EX

Easter Challenge No 14 – Make a nest so good a bird may like to lay its eggs in it!  http://bit.ly/1iQEqbc

Challenge No 15 – Make a rain shadow. http://bit.ly/1lIv6tE

Challenge No 16 – Go on a pot of gold treasure hunt  http://bit.ly/1jrSPvr

Challenge No 17 – Find the lost Bluebell wood elf commander  http://bit.ly/1k1ybOa

Challenge No 18 – Make a flying butterfly or dinosaur http://bit.ly/1ko1udY 

Challenge No 19 – Make a smelly potion or some petal perfume, bottle it then challenge your friends to see who is a better smeller! http://bit.ly/1iti7FE