Summer holiday “screenfree” challenges – Try on some monster feet or giants boots. Let’s start a GoingWild fashion craze!

Wherever you are this summer holidays, why not give yourself some monster feet or giants boots?  These attracted a lot of attention on the beach and every passer by just had to try them on.  A great photo opportunity.

You could make them out of sand, mud, rocks, sticks, leaves anything that takes your fancy.  Make big boots, dainty silhouettes, emerald green ones or pretty pink petal ones.  See who comes along and tries them on, share your photos with us, up-load them to facebook (Going Wild), tweet them (@goingwildnet) #goingwildnet…….

Let’s start a Going Wild monster foot fashion craze!

monster feet-2 monster feet

The summer holidays have arrived, don’t fear if you love them or hate them Going Wild can help entertain the kids!

You don’t need to go on expensive holidays, you don’t need to spend loads of money on exhausting days out, you don’t even need to go very far from home, and if you live in a town or a city our new book “The Wild City Book” means you don’t even have to make a trip out to the countryside to have fun in the wild world.

In fact you need never hear the words “I’m bored again”.

All you need to do is get hold of one of our books and set off for some wonderful wild adventures.  Our books are packed with practical ideas to tempt children away from screen based entertainment for a few hours, so that the wild world might weave its magic upon them.

nhm launch wild city-50

And just in case you have forgotten, we have been busy writing books for everyone  so you have a huge choice…Nature’s Playground (for the younger ones), Go Wild (for the wild camping bushcraft types), Make it Wild (for the creative souls), Run Wild (if you have a group of friends you want to play with), The Stick Book (for stick fanatics- isn’t that everyone?!), The Wild Weather book (if the sun doesn’t shine) and the Wild City Book (for all those urbanites)!

There is now no excuse to be bored this summer, step outside and have fun GOING WILD!

Going Wild at London’s Natural History Museum



Going Wild joined in the Natural History Museum’s Bat Festival on the 6th July, with lots of families coming along to make bats and all sorts of other creatures including birds, monsters, giraffes, ladybirds and, of course, dinosaurs!  Thank you to the Natural History Museum Wildlife Garden for inviting us to be part of their event.

Look at my dinosaur!