This weekends “screen free” challenge – Make a “green” space rocket

If it’s a bit cold and wet this weekend (a high chance!) and you don’t fancy spending too long outside, dress up warm and head out to hunt for rocket making materials.  Collect lots of evergreen leaves, pinecones (these make good booster jets) and anything that you could use to make a super green fuelled flying machine or space rocket.  Back at home, empty out the recycling box to find some rocket shaped boxes or bottles.  A little tin foil helps protect it if it has to re-enter the eart’hs atmosphere and of course some sellotape, glue or hot glue will help with the build.

IMG_20140125_131005 (1)

Tommy and Ben made these space cruisers complete with wings, bracken go-faster flames, with red “poison berry” bombs.

Who are your astronauts, what planets or worlds do they travel to? Have a go and tweet pictures of your rockets with #screenfree for a chance to win a signed copy of one of our books!

Just applying the pine cone rocket boosters!

IMG_20140125_131128 (1)