Going Wild “screen free” half term challenge No 1

Rain, wind, snow, dark evenings; it’s challenging to entertain the children at February half term.  But don’t worry, Going Wild has fun outdoor adventures for all weathers! Try the Going Wild “screen free” half term challenge; this isn’t a screen ban, just an exciting outdoor adventure for an hour or so each day.

Given freedom to enjoy time outside, children learn new skills, find out about judging risk, and become healthier.  Young people equally at ease with technology and nature will be better equipped for life.

Here is the first half term challenges to start you off, and over the next few days we will be posting more ideas to keep you busy, and of course there are loads more ideas in our books if you need any more inspiration; “The Wild Weather Book” being particularly relevant at the moment!

Challenge 1: Go on a puddle hunt and find the largest puddle or flooded field you can find!  

Make sure you dress up really warm, it is cold out there.  Put your waterproofs on and your wellies (check they have no holes). Why not challenge your friends and see who can find the biggest?

Look at this one I found this morning…..IMG_20140208_114443

Wow, now thats what I call a big puddle!

Remember all water can be dangerous, check how deep it is first with a stick before you jump in. If it goes over your wellies and you get wet feed it won’t be much fun. Always have and adult with you and try not to get them too wet!

Look out for the next challenge where we will give you ideas of fun things do you with your enormous puddle when you have found it.  Post some of your adventures on twitter and facebook with #screenfree and #goingwildnet for a chance of winning a signed copy of one of our books.  Don’t forget to challenge some of your friends too!