Seeking out the wilderness in the city

Isn’t it crazy how we will often travel large distances to discover things we could have explored on our doorstep?

Right in the heart of the city, un-discovered by many, is a wild wood, a secret escape from city life, a place you can be transported into the magical world of nature.  Yesterday to research for our new book “Wild Cities”, we visited Magdalen wood, an ancient woodland in the heart of Oxford where artist Melanie Kingham ( ran a workshop.

With the help of local children, friends of the wood and volunteers she created a wonderful seating area.  A wild place which blended perfectly into the environment, full of special wishes,  enticing people off the path into the ancient woodland to enjoy this unique place.








Why don’t you seek out the wilderness on your doorstep? Even if you are surrounded by buildings there is a wild world out there.  All you have to do is go and find it!

We would love to hear about your discoveries, e-mail us or leave a comment on this site, with photos please!