Going Wild Weekend “Screen Free” challenge – Make a mud cake!

For a truly healthy diet for your kids try going “screen free” for a couple of hours every weekend.

To help you do this we will be posting a challenge every Friday for you to have a go at. Take a photo of your adventures and tweet it using the hash tags #screenfree and #outdoors and we will send a signed copy of one of our Going Wild books to the most creative fun ideas.

This weekends challenge, Make a Mud Cake! 

Forget about sitting indoors watching Bake off’s on the TV.  Have a go yourself but in Nature’s Kitchen.  It’s one of the only diets where you can make cake and feel it is doing you good; fresh air, a good dose of mud (plenty of that around at the moment) and exercise are the best ingredients!mud pies cakes-1 Try adding a few frost crystals for sparkle decoration or some juicy slugs as a special treat!

Looking forward to seeing some of your delicious creations!  Don’t forget to tweet….

Happy baking.

mud pies-2