Streatley Wild Wood is open! A Wild Wood trail to explore and a fun family adventure

If you are looking for an adventure why not go and visit the Wild Wood at Streatley near Goring in Berkshire?  Going Wild have been working on an amazing project, a treasure trail full of adventure.

Your mission is to hunt for the secret codes hidden around the wood. Scan them with the QR reader on your smart phone or tablet.  Unlock the secrets of the wood, discover who lives there, find out some fearsome facts about them and their amazing superpowers! They will give you some challenges, who can do all of the challenges?

Have a go and let us know what you think!!


If you get tired have a rest and make a yummy muddy meal in the Wild  Wood Cafe!IMG_20141007_133957

Look at the Wild Wood Map and explore!


Can you find the secret codes?