Happy Birthday White Mark

The National Trust gave the White Mark at Watlington a birthday present as they gathered members of the local community together to give it a face lift.  Going Wild joined in on the fun.white mark birthday celebration 14

Families had fun bashing, crushing and compacting chalk on the White Mark so it will shine out for another few hundred years.






Going Wild were there making creatures and making mosaic pictures from chalk and generally having a good time.  Whose idea was it to make a face so the mark looked like a giant sticking his tongue out?  Marshmallows were toasted over a washing machine drum?! We ate birthday cake and the rare white mark ratty rat made an appearance along with other weird and wonderful creatures.   Once the sun sank below the horizon, fairy lights and night lights lit up the white mark which was quite a magical sight.white mark birthday celebration 7

white mark birthday celebration 3white mark birthday celebration 9

white mark birthday celebration 8