Make your own Egg smashing Easter Egg treasure hunt! Easter holiday “screenfree” challenge no 13 –

More egg smashing fun! Can you make an Easter egg treasure hunt for your friends?

  • The first and perhaps the most fun thing is to blow your eggs.  You will need as many eggs as you want clues.  Make a small hole in the top and bottom of the egg and blow gently over a bowl; you should catch the contents and be able to make an omelet for lunch.
  • egg hunt-5egg hunt-6 egg hunt-3 egg hunt-2Next work out where you want to make your trail.  Start at the end and work in reverse order hiding the treasure (chocolate eggs, yum yum??) first.



  • Walk a little way, get one of your blown eggs, write a clue on a tiny piece of paper for where you have just hidden your treasure.  Roll the paper tightly and push it through one of the holes .  The only way to get the clue out and read it now is to smash it!  Now hide this egg.
  • Walk on and do the same with another egg but this time the clue should lead them to the spot where you hid the last egg.



  • Go on laying clues inside eggs until the beginning and write a clue to give to your friends or family.


  • They then rush around, reading the clues, guessing where to find the next clue and having fun smashing eggs on heads on route!

If you send us a photo or tweet using hash tags #screenfree and #goingwildnet you may win a signed copy of one of our books!