Run Wild

Run Wild – Outdoor games and adventures

By Jo Schofield and Fiona Danks

Published by Frances Lincoln in March 2011

This book will provide inspiration for outdoor games and parties along with practical suggestions for making a difference to the natural world.  Find out how to entertain groups of kids without spending a fortune, includes all the old favourite games like 40/40 and catch the flag plus many more fun adventures such as make your own paintball (flour bomb) ambushes and glow stick night rugby, plus a whole section on natural theatre puppets and costumes.  When out in the woods or at the beach, make your own entertainment using this comprehensive book for inspiration.

“Here’s a book that will bring the “great” back into the great outdoors!” Michael Morpurgo 

  • Presented in a way to stimulate children and motivate adults. (WALK magazine )
  • 5 stars. A cornucopia of wild ideas for children’s outdoor parties that span the whole year around and could last a lifetime of birthday celebrations. (BBC Countryfile )
  • Crammed with ideas for outdoor play for all ages, from storytelling to tracking to throwing the perfect woodland party. (Psychologies )
  •  Discover how to use nature’s resources to inspire wonder and find your child’s wild side! The diverse ideas can also be easily adapted for very young children. (Nursery Education )
  • Has something for every age group and has been written to be just as useful to parents as it is for anyone who works with or supervises larger groups of children… Their books really seem to us to be the most practical and idea-crammed titles in the field. (Bath Life! )
  • From skimming stones to making leaf masks to whittling walking sticks to following treasure trails, here’s an enticing array of ideals for outdoor fun and wilderness discovery. (Booklist )
  • Will inspire children of all ages – as well as parents, teachers and youth leaders – to get out into nature and touch it, smell it, hear it and see it with their very own eyes. (Family Interest )
  • This book will inspire more children to get out into nature and touch it, smell it, hear it, see it with their very own eyes and find their wild side. So don’t just wait for that perfect day – just dress for the weather, grab your wellies, coat or sunhat and Run Wild! (Smalltalk )
  • A lovely, life affirming book, very useful for anyone who has anything to do with children of any age. (School Librarian )