The only essential item you need to pack for your holidays …

The Beach Book!

I remember a boring afternoon on a deserted beach with no mobile phone signal, no technology, not even a ball!  Dan and I refused to lie in the sun, so we picked up our copy of The Beach Book to get some inspiration and find something fun to do. We soon found a driftwood plank and after whittling a handle with my penknife and wrapping it with string to improve the grip we had a perfect cricket bat!  We made a ball from plastic bags wrapped tightly around a pebble and tied together with string. We started with a team of two but our screams of excitement attracted other bored kids and soon our makeshift cricket game was the most popular thing on the beach!

The moral of this story is to remember to get your copy of The Beach Book now so you have it ready to pack before you set off on your holidays this summer!

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