Natural fireworks for a “no bang” bonfire night!

Have a go at making some flaming twizzling twirlers for bonfire night!  38 fireballs-1

Thread brightly coloured leaves onto long sticks (dogwood is great as it thin and straight) Tie a piece of string around a small stick and cover with clay to make a ball.  Stick your bright leafy sticks into the ball to make a star.  Hang from a tree, twist and release.  Watch it spin just like a Catherine wheel

.38 wind twizzlers-2

This twirler was made by sticking lots of brightly coloured leaves onto a paper plate with PVA glue.  Once dry cut the plate into a snail/spiral and hang in the wind.

More instructions on fun things to do on bon-fire night look at “The Wild Weather Book”, The Stick Book, or the Wild City Book!