HELP! The bluebell wood elves commander is stuck in the big wide world. Spread the word and go and look for him.

Last weekend while walking in our local woods, I stumbled across a small bottle with a message inside, half hidden in the roots of a large beach tree, with the words “Read Me” written on the outside….

message in bottle-2

The incredible thing was that loads and loads of people had walked past the bottle that day not noticing it.  The truth is most people walk around in this beautiful world with their eyes closed, even when they were on a walk to look at the amazing bluebells!

LUCKILY I saw it and I am appealing to all of you to help NOW.  This is what the message said ……message in bottle-5



I am writing to tell you about us. Who you might say? The little tiny elfs of the bluebell woods, please try not to step on us.  Anyway our commander is stuck in the big wild world please save him and help us, maybe by looking for him.  Thank you!!!!! from Mrs Bell.”

Can you go out and look for him, it’s half term, that means no school, that means plenty of time to go searching?  Get your friends out, Tweet, post on facebook, use the technology of the big wide world to rescue the commander and get a whole search party hunting!

This weeks screen free challenge is to walk around with your eyes open, look all around, on the ground, up in the trees and you most definitely will come across wonderful things you never knew existed, and you just might find the bluebell wood elf commander!

If you find him, please report back to me straight away (a message on this website will do, you don’t have to leave it in a bottle) and I will go to the bluebell wood and tell the elves.

QUICK we don’t have much time.  The bluebells are dying and won’t come back again till next year!