Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you can’t have a birthday jubilee picnic!

We had a wonderful most memorable picnic in the pouring rain to celebrate a special 16th birthday and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on the 3rd June.

Game souls aged from 8 to 80 donned their finest wellies, braved the weather and had a picnic feast in the middle of a field which would have made the Queen envious!

We sipped champagne and ate strawberries, while listening to the rain dripping from the canvas roof, accompanied by a little guitar and the warmth of a roaring fire.

A magical time was had by all and we can whole heartedly recommend to anyone who has never tried a wet picnic party to give it a go!

So next time you have a kids party to organize, think about doing it outside and don’t worry about the weather, you can still have loads of fun in the rain!