The Wild Weather Book


Loads of Things to do outdoors in the rain, wind and snow…or when you would rather be indoors! By Fiona Danks and Jo Schofield

Dr. Seuss – “The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house all that cold, cold, wet day.”  Now there is no excuse for staying indoors!  Imagine jumping in the biggest puddle you can find, or running barefoot and feeling squidgy mud ooze up between your toes.  Wild weather brings loads of opportunities to rush outside for some fun…..

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‘There are endless project ideas for fun in the fresh air: I wish I had made ice toffee sculptures during the cold snap; instead I am embracing mud castles and water runs’ (Daisy Bridgewater Daily Telegraph)

‘this book would provide me with everything I needed to keep them happy and purposefully engaged for hours! … With such a clear and attractive layout and high-quality photographs that depict both beauty and spontaneity in equal measure, I would be inspired to get out there and have a go …’      (The School Librarian)

‘use it to inspire rainy day adventures’ (Green Parent)

“this book is proof that even if the rain pours, the wind howls or the snow settles, you can still get outside and have fun.”  (Walk magazine)


‘packed with imaginative suggestions – it will put paid to those dreaded words, ‘I’m bored.’ (Country Homes & Interiors)

‘A companion to The Stick Book this is imaginative and simple.’ (Armadillo magazine)

‘every family home should have a copy’ (Parents in Touch)

“Armed with this book you’ll have so much fun in the spring showers you’ll wonder why you ever stayed indoors!” (Welsh Coastal Life)


‘an essential read for parents, teachers and anyone involved in the outdoor education of children and young people’ (It’s Great Outdoors blog)

“I love the simplicity of all these accessible ideas – all hugely enjoyable and not a sun beam in sight!” (Families (South East London))

‘A celebration of the outdoors and all the fun things you can do in it in all kinds of unpropitious weather! Armed with this, families may feel less dread when faced with a really wet holiday.’ (Julia Eccleshare





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